1ª Which are the topics of the workshops that SINFO will hold?
R:  Unity, IOS on Rails (Ruby chapter), IOS on Rails (IOS chapter), Introduction to musical beat tracking and creative transformations in MATLAB, Microsoft Azure, Agile, Link, Don't be afraid to commit (for Python/Django developers), Cyber-Security, Node.js and Meteor Framework.

2º How do I enroll in the workshops?
R: First, you need to pre-enroll at our website and, at the workshop day, you need to sign the attendance sheet near the SINFO organization stand, at Civil Engineering Department.

3º What is the maximum capacity of pre-registration by workshop?
R: Each workshop has capacity for 30 entries, however will be available 60 pre-registration slots.

4º Why is it necessary to sign the attendance sheet?
R: To ensure that everyone interested have the opportunity to pre-enroll, but only those who have the interested and the means to show up can actually enroll.

5º Is there a higher priority to the first pre-enrollments?
R: No. Just the people who have signed the attendance sheet are participating in the workshop. Exceptions for special cases (see question 15) or free slots (see question 14).

6º How much to pay to participate in a workshop?
R: Zero! Riem! Nada! Another good reason why you shouldn't miss them.

7º What should I bring to the workshop?
R: All the necessary equipment will be indicated on each workshop page.

8º Can I include the workshops where I participated in my curriculum?
R: Every workshop will be certified by SINFO and the trainers/companies concerned. It should be noted that the importance of that certificate is, however, given by the contracting company due to the fact that participants are not subject to any assessment of learned skills.

9º What is the date and hour of each workshop?
R: Check the webpage of each workshop.

10º Can I participate in several different workshops?
R: Yes but you shouldn't pre-enroll in workshops that, probably, you won't participate because you are wasting the chance of someone else to go. Avoid signing up in two parallel workshops just because you are uncertain about your choices.

11º Who is responsible for each workshop?
R: Check the webpage of each workshop.

12º What’s the deadline to sigh the sheet at the stand of the SINFO’s organization?
R: You can do this between 9am and until one hour before the workshop (e.g: if it starts at 5pm can sign up untill 4pm). However you should appear as early as possible to ensure your place in the workshop.

13º And if I can only appear in the afternoon?
R: Some slots will be saved only for people who may show themselves in the afternoon. However, we advise you to sign up for the morning.

14º And if I want to participate but I have missed the pre-registration?
R: When missing less than one hour for the workshop starting, the list of pre-registered is released / cleared and all the remaining / free seats will be allocated to any interested, pre-registered or not.

To participate in these conditions have to pass on our stand (while missing less than an hour for the workshop) or appear at the time of the workshop the next room where it will take place and hope that there is still free seats.

15º I really can’tsign up in person... How do I proceed?
R: In special cases, the interested people may contact us via email workshops@sinfo.org, explain the situation, and with the authorization of coordination, be enrolled in the workshop in question.

However, if your doubt is not clarified here, send an email to workshops@sinfo.org or ask via Facebook.