Daniel Almeida (Service Reliability Engineer @ Spotify)


Open minded, entrepreneur, technology lover, security enthusiast, linux worshiper, open source advocate, bleeding edge high-tech environments, driven by challenges, passionate rock'n'roll drummer, professional stage diver, frequent flyer, ambition to globetrottle the world making it a better place.



Scaling For Millions

Talk, 14h00 to 15h20, February 25, 2014

Speaker: Daniel Almeida

This talk will discuss how we scale Spotify technology to millions of users worldwide. It will approach several topics like architecture, infrastructure, backend systems, monitoring, operational tasks, load balancing, service qualities like redundancy and high availability and how we achieve those. It will also explain Spotify culture, how we build it with open source software and how we scale agile in order to build cool products and deliver music 24/7/365 to millions of people.