Alan Shaw (Developer @


Excitable web developer with a passion for exploring the unknown and finding inventive uses for new technologies. Alan knows intimately how to build and style for the web and has worked with JavaScript for as long as he can remember. A lover of functional programming, Node slowly became a big part of all the projects Alan works on. Now Alan is all like "Node all the things" all the time.

In his spare time Alan works on npm modules, grunt plugins, builds and maintains, co-organises the Meteor London meetup, flies nano copters into walls and occasionally hacks on hardware.

You can find him on twitter.

Oli Evans (Developer @


Suspiciously talkative for an engineer, Oli likes to get things working and keep them there.

After learning the hard way that it's more important to test ideas than code, he's now filling his workshop with Meteor apps and regularly encouraging others to do the same at the Meteor London meetup.

Chris Waring (Designer @


"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand pictures."

Chris is a full-stack designer who has been helping startups build and test their ideas since the millennium bug. He runs the product design studio and is a co-organiser of Meteor London. In another life he massages sound fragments together to form mind-undulating body-popping rhythms.

You can find him at @cwaring and @wwavesco.



Node.js Workshop

Workshop, 17h30 to 19h00, February 27, 2014

Trainers: Alan Shaw, Oli Evans, Chris Waring

More info soon

Meteor Talk

Talk, 15h40 to 16h00, February 28, 2014

Speaker: Alan Shaw

An introductory talk about Meteor framework technologies.

Meteor Workshop

Workshop, 16h20 to 18h20, February 28, 2014

Trainers: Alan Shaw, Oli Evans, Chris Waring


A beginner friendly workshop, getting reactive & real-timey with Node, Mongo DB, WebSockets & Meteor magic sauce.